About Us

Marika Moffitt of SoulDog Creative

Marika Moffitt

SoulDog Creative

Seattle-based photographer Marika Moffitt of SoulDog Creative (formerly Dirtie Dog Photography) has been capturing candid moments between pets and their people since 2011. Marika regularly partners with local nonprofits to help animals in need and loves working with other local animal-focused businesses. In 2019, she created a podcast called the Seattle Pet Collective to highlight the stories of people who love animals. Marika's own animals were her initial inspiration to become a pet photographer. Her stunning still and video images bring The Limelight Pet Project to life. Learn more about SoulDog Creative at www.souldogcreative.com


Holly Cook

Holly Cook Photography

Prior to establishing Holly Cook Photography, LLC in Seattle in 2015, Holly was a professional pet sitter/dog walker/obedience trainer in Michigan for over 23 years. She loves being of service to dogs and their people. It is her heartfelt belief that we, as humans, serve as stewards to the animals with whom we share this planet. Learn more about her work at www.hollyccook.com.

Jack and Tracy June 2017

Tracy Campion

Pet Connection Magazine

Bothell-based writer Tracy Campion has a background in animal behavior and journalism. She has been the co-publisher of Pet Connection Magazine since 2015. During that time, she has met and interviewed people from our local community as well as animal behavior and communication experts from around the world, including Dr. Jane Goodall, Jackson Galaxy, Dr. Temple Grandin, and Buck Brannaman. Her first book, Dog Behavior: Modern Science and Our Canine Companions, was published by Elsevier's Academic Press in 2018.

Sarah Bous-Leslie

Sarah Bous-Leslie

Pet Connection Magazine

Olympia-based designer and photographer Sarah Bous-Leslie has been the co-publisher of Pet Connection Magazine since 2007. Sarah's design, photography, and love of all things local helped the magazine grow from a humble four-page South sound publication to two 28-page sister publications, one in the North Sound and one in the South. During her time at PCM, she has shared the stories of our Puget Sound community, focusing on people, pets, and the connections we share. Learn more about PCM at www.petconnectionmagazine.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How did The Limelight Pet Project begin?

In August of 2019, Marika, Tracy, and Sarah co-founded The Limelight Pet Project in order to share the stories of harder-to-adopt pets and the people who care for them in the Greater Seattle Area. They had worked together on a previous project focused on dogs and cats, but wanted to expand to feature other types of animals as well. Holly joined the team in October 2019, and we've been making our magic together ever since!


Are you paid to do this work?

The Limelight Pet Project is a collaboration between its co-founders. We are not a non-profit organization nor do we receive financial assistance for the work we do. We pay for everything ourselves, and donate our time and talents (professional photography, videography, production, interviewing, writing, etc) to shine the light on harder-to-adopt pets. There's a possibility we'll shift things in the future to open up ways for folks to support our work financially, but for now, we're doing this because it's our heart-work.