The Limelight Pet Project

Who We Are:

It started with one small idea: A partnership to provide fame for the forgotten, a platform for the less fortunate, and perspective from the people and places that help harder to adopt animals.

That one small idea sparked so much joy, and over coffee and conversation, Pet Connection Magazine’s Sarah Bous-Leslie and Tracy Campion, and SoulDog Creative’s (formerly Dirtie Dog Photography) Marika Moffitt created a multimedia campaign that would highlight rescue animals throughout the greater Puget Sound region. The campaign, which would air on Q13’s weekend morning news on JoeTV, would help cats and dogs, horses and rabbits, goats and guinea pigs who needed just a little bit of extra attention to find their forever families.

But we had an even bigger vision than this. Our creative collaboration also aimed to illuminate the stories behind the people and places that helped these harder to adopt animals. We wanted to know their names, their stories, and what our community could learn from them.

We wanted to shine a light on harder to adopt pets and the people who helped them.

Watch The Limelight Pet Project on Fox13’s weekend morning news on JoeTV!